Invited Presentations

Keynote and Featured Addresses

  • Keynote. Chu-Shikoku Meeting. American Literature Society of Japan. Matsue, Japan. 7.27.l979
  • Keynote. Conference Interdisciplinary Baccalaureate Education. University of South Carolina. 3.7.l988
  • Anniversary Address. 20th Anniversary of Watauga College. Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. Appalachian State University Forum Series. l0.22.l992
  • Plenary Address. Symposium on Interdisciplinarity. University of British Columbia. 3.6.1993
  • Keynote. Minnesota State Universities Undergraduate Conference on Teaching. The Bush Foundation. Minneapolis. 10.27.1994
  • Keynote. Symposium on Interdisciplinarity. Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo. Brazil. 5.6.1996
  • Keynote. National Institute for Science Education. University of Wisconsin. 11.15.1996
  • Green College Speaker in Residence and Keynote Address for Individual Interdisciplinary Graduate Program University of British Columbia. 2.25-3.4.1998
  • Keynote. Individual Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program. University of Missouri, Kansas City. 3.13.1998
  • Keynote. Third International Conference. Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Liberal Arts (Augustana College). Banff, Alberta. Canada. 5.7-10.1998
  • Keynote. Department of Higher Education. State of Connecticut.12.17.1998
  • Distinguished Lecturer. Center for General Ecology. University of Berne, Switzerland. 10. 21.1998
  • Keynote Address: First Retreat for grant recipients in competition for Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers (National Institutes of Health). 12.17.1999
  • Featured Lecture. “The Value of Interdisciplinarity and Liberal Studies in the Contemporary University.” University of Michigan Dearborn. 14 October 2004.
  • Keynote: Congress on Interdisciplinary Studies and Complexity. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Mexico City. 10.11.2001
  • Keynote. Seminar on Interdisciplinary Studies. Universidad Latina de America. Morelia, Mexico. 10.19.2001
  • Keynote. Bridging Research and Social Interest: Challenges of Evaluation in Transdisciplinary Projects and Public Policy. UNESCO-MOST Regional School for Latin America & Caribbean. Punta del Este, Uruguay 10.28.2003
  • Keynote Bridging Disciplinary Divides: Understanding the Population/Environment Debate: 2004 Fenner Conference. Australian Academy of Science. Canberra. 5.24.2004
  • Distinguished Lecturer. Graduate Humanities Program, Concordia University, Montreal. April 7, 2005.
  • Distinguished Speaker. Center for the Scholarship of Teaching. Michigan State University. 9.29.2005.
  • Featured Invited Speaker. “The Trend Toward Interdisciplinarity.” 50th anniversary of Harvey Mudd College, “ The Future of Engineering, Science, and Mathematics,” Claremont, January 14, 2006.
  • Keynote: “Negotiating Knowledge: The Epistemology of Interdisciplinary Research.” Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences conference on Interdisciplinary Research. Amsterdam. January 12, 2007.
  • Keynote: “Innovative Evaluation Methods in the MIT Complex,” Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences symposium. Amsterdam. November 9, 2007.

On Teaching and Learning

  • Speaker “Tsuushinkyoiku.” University of Michigan Program for All-Japan Association of Private Universities Correspondence Education. Ann Arbor, Michigan. 10.l6.l980.
  • Speaker (with Mary Lee Field) “Writing about Literature in Japan and America.” CCCC in Dallas, Texas. 3.l98l. Published in revised form.
  • Speaker “Teaching Abroad.” Annual meeting of the Michigan College English Association. Dearborn, Michigan. 10.l6.l98l
  • Co-chair, Speaker “Teaching Values.” Annual meeting of the Association for General and Liberal Studies. Rochester, New York. 11.16.l98l

On Literary Studies

  • Discussant Bibliography section. Annual meeting of the Midwest Modern Language Association. St. Louis, Missouri. 10.l972
  • Discussant English I section. Annual meeting of the Midwest Modern Language Association. Chicago, Illinois. 11.l974
  • Speaker “Satire in a New Key: The Lyrics of The Beggar’s Opera.” Annual meeting of The Michigan Academy. East Lansing, Michigan. Spring l976. Published in revised form.

On Interdisciplinary History, Theory, and Practice

  • Conductor of Seminar “Interdisciplinary Discourse: The Languages and Interlanguages of Interdisciplinarity.” Annual meeting of the Association for Integrative Studies. Ramapo, New Jersey. 4.l6.l983
  • Speaker “Interdisciplinary Discourse: Models for Making Connections.” National conference on Writing in the Humanities. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 6.l9.l983
  • Speaker “Words and Pictures.” Annual meeting of the Association for General and Liberal Studies. Lexington, Kentucky. 11.l0.l983
  • Convener Plenary sessions. Annual meeting of the Association for Integrative Studies. Oxford, Ohio. 2.5.l984
  • Speaker “The University and Society: Interdisciplinary Mission-Oriented Research and Ethnic, Minority Studies.” Joint meeting of the Association for Integrative Studies and the Association for General and Liberal Studies. San Francisco, California. 10.25-27.1984
  • Speaker “Thematic and Interdisciplinary Curricula.” Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, Ohio. 3.29.l985
  • Co-Presenter (with Ernest Lynton). “Imagining the Whole: From Instrumental to Synoptic Definitions of Interdisciplinarity.” Annual meeting of the Association for Integrative Studies. Richmond, Kentucky. 10.l9.l985
  • Co-speaker (with Alan Porter) “Preconditions for Interdisciplinary Research.” Speaker: “The Interdisciplinary Process.” 4th International Conference of INTERSTUDY. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 8.25-28. l986. Published in revised form.
  • Co-conductor of plenary session “Establishing a Research Perspective for Evaluating Interdisciplinary Outcomes.” Annual meeting of Association for Integrative Studies. Bowling Green, Ohio. 11.l5.l986
  • Speaker “Defining Interdisciplinarity.” Annual meeting of Association for Integrative Studies. Pennsylvania State University. 11.7.l987
  • Speaker “Defining Interdisciplinarity II.” Annual meeting of Association for Integrative Studies. Arlington, Texas. 10.2l.l988
  • Speaker “TEXT/CONTEXT: A Rhetoric of Integration in the Human Sciences.” International symposium on The Rhetoric of the Human Sciences. College Park, Maryland. 4.l. l989. Presented in a revised version at annual meeting of the Association for Integrative Studies. Rohnert Park, California. 10.ll. l989. Published in revised form.
  • Speaker “Across the Boundaries.” Symposium on Disciplinarity: Formations, Rhetorics, Histories. GRIP. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 4.23.l989. Published in revised form.
  • Speaker “Culture and Text, Discipline and Criticism.” International symposium on Writing the Social Text. College Park, Maryland. 11.l989
  • Discussant Interdisciplinary Symposium on Substance Abuse. College of Nursing. Wayne State University. Detroit, Michigan. 4.7.l993
  • Speaker “Stories of Interdisciplinary Research.” Conference on Narrative in the Human Science. Project for the Rhetoric of Inquiry. Iowa City, Iowa. 7.8.1990
  • Featured Book Author Conversation with the Author: Interdisciplinarity: History, Theory, and Practice. Association for Integrative Studies. Manchester, New Hampshire. 11.2.l990
  • Speaker “Literature and …: Disciplinary Relations in the Modern University.” Conference on Interdisciplinarity: Science, Literature, and the University. Bloomington, Indiana. 2.8.l99l
  • Speaker and Moderator “Interdisciplinary Centers. Annual meeting of the Association for Integrative Studies. St. Paul, Minnesota. 10.l99l
  • Speaker “Interdisciplinary Learning.” Faculty Center for Instructional Effectiveness. Eastern Michigan University. Ypsilanti, Michigan. 11.l9.l99l
  • Speaker “The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Collaboration within the University.” Developmental Disabilities Institute. Wayne State University. Detroit, Michigan. 12.6.199l
  • Speaker “Crossdisciplinarity: Forms and Criteria.” Special session on Crossdisciplinarity. Annual meeting of the Modern Language Association. San Francisco, California. 12.28.l99l
  • Speaker, Organizer: “Crossing the Boundaries of Industry, Government, and the University.” Conference on Academic Knowledge and Political Power. College Park, MD. 11.20.l992
  • Speaker and Organizer “Changing Institutional Climates.” Annual meeting of the Association for Integrative Studies. Detroit, Michigan. 10.9.l993
  • Speaker “Across Disciplines, Across Studies.” Annual meeting of the American Studies Association. Boston, Massachusetts. 11.7.l993
  • Invited Scholar’s Remarks. Conference on Interdisciplinary Education. Evergreen State College. 10.30-11.1.1997.
  • Speaker “Interdisciplinarity in Higher Education: Changing Institutional Climates.” Faculty Center for Instructional Effectiveness. Eastern Michigan University. Ypsilanti, Michigan. 3.l.l994
  • Speaker “Interdisciplinarity.” College of Nursing. Wayne State University. Detroit. 3.24.l993
  • Speaker: “Universities, Disciplines, and Interdisciplinarity.” Annual meeting of the American Association of Higher Education. Chicago, Illinois. 3.25.l994. Published in revised form.
  • Plenary Speaker: “Boundary as Object/Concept/Rhetoric/Epistemology.” GRIP Symposium on Knowledges. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 4.l6.l994
  • Author-Discussant: (with David Shumway) of Knowledges: Historical and Critical Studies of Disciplinarity and manuscript on “Interdisciplinary Criteria.” Association for Integrative Studies. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 11.29-30. l994
  • Plenary Speaker: “Toward a Conceptual Vocabulary of Hybrid Identity.” Symposium on Knowledge and Identity. GRIP. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 4.14.1996
  • Conversation with Editor and Author (of) Interdisciplinary Studies Today. Annual meeting of the Association of Integrative Studies. Ypsilanti, Michigan 3.10.1996
  • Contributor and Discussant: “A Provocation in the Humanities.” 10.5.1996.
  • Speaker: “Coherence and Connectedness in the Curriculum,” and “The Asheville Institute.” Association of American Colleges & Universities. Atlanta. l.17-18.1997.
  • Invited Scholar’s Remarks. Conference on Interdisciplinary Education. Evergreen State College. 10.30-11.1.1997.
  • Conversation with the Author of Crossing Boundaries and Pre-Conference plenary presentation on Interdisciplinarity. Annual meeting of AIS. Detroit, Michigan.10. 8-9.1998.
  • Speaker. Sessions on teaching music and on interdisciplinary education across K-16. Association of Integrative Studies annual meeting. Napierville, IL. 9.30-10.3.99.
  • ISP Colloquium Series Speaker. “Transdisciplinary Problem Solving.”1.26.2000.
  • Invited Lecturer: MacArthur Workshop on “Academic Knowledge, Social Activism, and Public Policy Formation.” University of Minnesota. 9.24.01.
  • Invited Speaker: “Forms of Interdisciplinarity.” New Directions in Geosciences and Humanities.” Biosphere II, Arizona. 3.23.02.
  • Invited Speaker: “Interdisciplinarity: Research Process and Institutionalization.” New Directions in Geosciences and Humanities Project. Colorado School of Mines; 9.26.02.
  • Invited Speaker in President’s Commission on the Status of Women Career Development series: “How to Get Your Book Published.” 11 February 2003
  • Host of “Book Conversation” with Carol Geary Schneider (10 October) and Designer and Host of two-part sessions “Interdisciplinary Education K-16” (11 October) at annual meeting of Association for Integrative Studies conference. Detroit, 2003.
  • Brown Bag Talk on “Interdisciplinarity, Humanities , and Culture: The Changing American Academy.” Humanities Center. Wayne State University. 5 February 2004.
  • Invited Speaker. Convocation on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research. National Academies of Science. Washington, D.C. 29-30 January 2004.
  • Invited Expert on Interdisciplinarity. Dean’s Retreat. Central Michigan University, June 6, 2005.
  • Invited Commentator: “Quality Assessment in Interdisciplinary Research and Education” at American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C. February 8, 2006.
  • Featured Author: “Book Conversation: Humanities, Culture, and Interdisciplinarity.” Association for Integrative Studies, Emory University. Atlanta, GA. October 5, 2006.
  • Featured Speaker: “”State of the Art Review of Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Scientific Research: An International Perspective.” National Cancer Institute conference on The Science of Team Science. 30 October 2006. Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Invited Expert on interdisciplinarity and sustainability. Going Global Working Session II. MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 8-19 July 2007.
  • Invited Expert Participant. Symposium on “Women, Minorities, and Interdisciplinarity.” Columbia University. 12-13 November 2007.
  • Invited Expert on Interdisciplinarity. BIRCWH Scholars. University of Michigan. 4 December 2007.
  • Invited Expert on Interdisciplinarity. Address: “Methodologies and Academic Discourse: Conversations Across the Disciplines” and Best Practices: Workshop: Interdisciplinary Course Development, Teaching and Pedagogy, Student Learning, and Assessment.” New York City College of Technology. Brooklyn, NY. 6 February 2009.
  • Invited Speaker: “Exploring Boundary Crossing in New Understanding of Cultural Objects: Digital Partnerships for Engaged Learning/Engaging Boundaries of Words, Images and Cultural Codes.” Annual Meeting of Association for Integrative Studies. Springfield, Illinois. 24 October 2008.
  • Invited Speaker and Seminar Participant: “Reconceptualizing Interdisciplinarity through Refigurations of the Spaces of Inquiry.” Athabasca University Centre for Integrated Studies Conference on “The Scope of Interdisciplinarity.” Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 8 November 2008.

On Digital Humanities

  • Co-presenter with NEH-grant team: Poster Session and Technology Demos on “Lessons Learned for Teaching with Technology in Humanities and Social Sciences.” HASTAC III Conference on “Traversing Digital Boundaries.” Urbana-Champaign, IL. 21 April 2009.
  • Co-presenter with NEH-grant team: “The WSU Digital Leaning and Development Sandbox.” EDUCAUSE. Midwest Conference. Chicago, IL. 25 March 2009.
  • Invited Speaker: “The Digital Humanities Turn: From Page to Screen.” Session on New Subjects in and Beyond the Classroom. Modern Language Conference. San Francisco, CA. 27 December 2008.
  • Invited Speaker: “Digital Partnerships for Engaged Learning” at the national meeting of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes. March 15, 2008.

International Presentations

  • “Holism, Postmodernism, and Interdisciplinarity.” Conference on Worldviews. Free University of Brussels. Brussels, Belgium. 4.1.l990. Published in revised form.
  • “The Interdisciplinary Concept: Past, Present, and Future.” OECD international meeting on “Inter-Disciplinarity Revisited.” Linköping, Sweden. 10.10.l984. Published in revised form.
  • “IDR in the Future.” Fifth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research.” INTERSTUDY. Manchester School of Business. Manchester, England. 7.l5.l988. Published in revised form.
  • “Notes toward a Social Epistemology of Transdisciplinarity.” UNESCO lst World Congress on Transdisciplinarity. Setubal, Portugal. 11.l994. Published.
  • “Interdisciplinary Teaching Practices: Didactics and Theory.” At national congress of teachers VIII ENDIPE. 5.9.1996. Florianopolis, Brazil.
  • The Landscape of Knowledge and the Interdisciplinary Question in Science.” Symposium on interdisciplinarity in science. University of British Columbia. 3.1996.
  • (with Gordon Vars) “Interdisciplinary Curriculum Integration and the Needs of Teachers in K-12 and College: Perspectives from the United States.” International Congress on Educational Research. Sherbrooke, Canada. 6. 26-30. 2000.
  • Chair of Implementation session and Co-Chair of Mutual Learning session on Theory and Method at international conference on “Joint Problem-Solving among Science, Technology, and Society.” Zurich, Switzerland. 2.27-1.1.2000.
  • “Estrategias Pedagogicas y Curriculares Interdisciplinares; Teorica y Metodologica en el Campo de la Interdisciplina.” Seminario Internacional: Dialogos Sobre la Interdisciplina Observatoire des Reformes Universitaires (ORUS), Guadalajara, Mexico. 9.27.2004.
  • “Can Interdisciplinarity in Research Be Measured?” The Academy of Finland. Helsinki. 15 February 2005. In conjunction with the Annual Meeting of Finnish Society of Science and Technology Studies. Subject of interview in The Academy of Finland newsletter A PROPOS: Riitta Tirronen, (2005). “Tieteidenvalisen tutkimuksen arviointia kehitettava” (“Assessment of interdisciplinary research needs to be developed”), A propos, No. 2, June, pp. 18-19. (available in print and at > Publications)
  • Guest Lecturer. Environmental Protection Laboratory. Helsinki Institute of Technology. Espoo, Finland 16 February 2005.

Invited Seminars, Lectures, and Guest Events in Last Five Years

  • Invited Guest to meet with research team and teacher seminar. Project Zero. Graduate School of Education. Harvard University. Cambridge. 4.8-10.2004
  • Member of Research Site team. National Science Foundation funded “Cities and Rivers” workshop series in St. Petersburg, Russia (June 2004)
  • Featured Interview. AP Central Newsletter 2004. “Interdisciplinarity in K-16. College Board

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